31 Days of SMA: How I Use Superior Motivational Attitude to Achieve Happiness

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Day 13 of 31

This is Steve Bingman’s story:

Society often tells us that those with disabilities have a predicted path of life. What society doesn’t tell you is that your disability can be used as an advantage in life. I call this concept my superior motivational attitude.

Early on, I always challenged the way life “should have been” despite having spinal muscular atrophy type 2. As a kid, I had many friends, played baseball, and got into mischief often.

By the time I was in high school, I was using all forms of public transportation to get wherever I wanted to go, such as school events, friends’ houses, and day trips to Chicago — and I was still getting into mischief. I had the motivational attitude to be like my peers.

Unfortunately, between the ages of 13 and 17, I experienced the loss of not one, but two, of my best friends. Ultimately, for me, that was the beginning of living life to the fullest. As a young adult with a disability, I moved out on my own, worked various jobs, and went at life without real direction. More mischief!

One day, around age 24, I decided out of the blue to go to college, because I needed to do life differently. Some doubted my decision. Sure, I had been achieving much beyond the predicted path in life with a disability, but that is where I already felt I had an edge. That’s when my superior motivation really manifested. I used the doubt as motivation.

Prior to completing a bachelor’s degree, I continued to find ways to use motivation from doubt in all aspects of life, such as in recruiting caregivers, relationships, obtaining a master’s degree, and even relocating on my own to a new state.

Today, I continue to use societal doubt as motivation to achieve while fostering kids, being a dad to Christian and Azlyn, a spouse to my beautiful bride, Brittany, traveling abroad, and helping others. Professionally, I have a successful career with the federal government and have received numerous awards and promotions.

I owe all of these life achievements to my superior motivational attitude. What will you achieve with yours?

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