The Message I Discovered in Celery Juice

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I admit that this column’s title is one I never thought I’d write. But alas, it is 2020, and most of this year has been a series of “never thought I’d ever” moments. So, for the sake of what’s on my heart today, I’ll accept how unconventional the title is and share the message my daily cup of celery juice gives me.

Before I do, allow me to explain why I drink celery juice. As I have stated in previous columns, I have been experiencing mysterious stomach and intestinal issues for much of this year. I’ve reached a point in which I’ve explained all my woes to my medical team, and we all are at a loss.

While I can’t say for sure, my best guess is disease progression and muscle weakness are contributing factors to the issues at hand. In other words, these symptoms are beyond my control.

At the same time, I could be taking better care of myself. After feeling sick for so many months and not having the desire to eat, I’ve lost weight. My body is depleted of nutrients. Simply put, this isn’t a sustainable way to live.

So, I’m doing a lot of research and experiments these days. At the very least, I must find ways to be an ally to my digestive system instead of resenting how it makes me feel. I may be unable to reverse disease progression, but I can treat my body better.

So far, I’ve noticed that increasing my fluid intake and taking several drops of cannabidiol oil before meals allows me to eat better without feeling nauseous or spasmodic. This has been a great start. However, I still need to do more work.

That’s why celery juice has come into my life. I’m intrigued by the praise of it by others, including several family members, and the number of benefits it offers. So, after a deep dive on the internet, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.

I soon discovered only one problem: No word in the English dictionary accurately portrays how terrible it tastes.

My first attempt at drinking freshly squeezed celery juice was borderline traumatic. One sip in and I was already willing to give up. I didn’t see how anything in the world could justify drinking this putrid drink, even if health gurus called it “miracle juice.” It was a good effort on my part, but certainly not worth the punishment to my poor tastebuds.

In telling the experience to a friend who shared my pain, she urged me to try again, saying it becomes easier to swallow with time. Her words weren’t convincing enough, so I told her I’d think about it.

That’s when she said to me, “You handle so many weird medical things. Don’t let celery juice beat you!”

She had a point. When she flipped the narrative to one of strength and not defeat, I looked at my celery juice from a different lens. Drinking some unappetizing juice was, in fact, child’s play to the challenges I’ve endured in life. Living with SMA has tested my strength time and time again. But it also has proven that I’m never willing to back down from a fight.

The next morning, I approached my celery juice with a different mindset. I couldn’t stop reflecting on what my friend had told me the previous day. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized the message was so much bigger than the green liquid in the cup before me. Celery juice was simply a vehicle to a message I am always too quick to forget.

As much as I want to erase the painful experiences in my past, they serve a purpose. They remind me that no matter how defeated I may feel, I will always remain strong. Knowing this has helped me garner perspective throughout my life and has prepared me for whatever lies ahead.

Whether it’s something as trivial as an unappetizing drink or something more problematic like mystery health issues, celery juice has shown me that I have the strength to fight this battle and every single one thereafter.


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