Why My Journey With Disability Pride Isn’t Linear

Even though I’ve been disabled all my life, I had never heard of Disability Pride Month until I scrolled past someone’s Instagram post last July. I guess that’s the beauty of social media: For every detrimental effect it has on our well-being, it can also serve as…

Building a Healthy Relationship With Your Body

So you’ve badly hurt another person’s feelings, and the guilt they’re making you feel is burning hot. You know how that goes, right? Once, a friend was so steaming mad about a mistake I made that you could cut the atmosphere’s tension with a knife.

Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

I helped my husband, Randy, pluck raspberries from our bountiful bushes the other evening. Shortly after sampling our red, squishy haul, I removed my Crocs to get ready for a shower. Whoa. My eyeballs popped when I spied what looked like blood on the bottom…

‘All of Us Will Become Disabled and Sick’

When thinking about disability pride — specifically the content I wanted to create for Disability Pride Month — I found myself returning to a quote from “Care Work: Dreaming Disability Justice” by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha. “[A] core part of disability justice work [is] making the next world,…

Making Churches More Accessible

“LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED ANYTHING!” An usher exclaimed these words at the top of his lungs in the church auditorium while putting his hand on my shoulder. To say this experience was patronizing would be an understatement, but it did provide the catalyst for the perfect rebuttal.

Dangling Under the Full Moon

Parents, teachers, and pet owners routinely witness the unmistakable impact of full moons on all realms of behavior. Insert wolf howl. As a rapidly aging adult, I can vouch for this monthly phenomenon’s continued ability to “scramble the circuits” in every capacity.

I Believe I Can Do Hard Things

I know that self-talk is important, including the words we use and our tone of voice. We’re usually trying to look out for ourselves, but more often than not, our good intentions are swallowed by feelings of shame. But it doesn’t matter how many posts I like on…