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Let’s Give Thanks for Our Family Caregivers All Year Long

It takes a lot to manage daily life with SMA. From the mundane to the extraordinary, everything I do — although it takes much more than just myself — requires a practiced juggling act consisting of medications, specialists, assistive technology, medical equipment, appointments, adequate rest, and helping hands.

Acknowledging the Price We Pay for a Day of Play

I love to go out and explore bits of the world with family and friends. Dinner at a restaurant, coffee dates, shopping trips, festivals, vacations — all of these are awesome activities. It takes some effort and teamwork to get my medical equipment out the door…

Cleaning Up After SMA’s Messes Is a Dirty Job

With that headline, I’d expect this column to belong to my friend and SMA News Today colleague Kevin Schaefer. After all, he’s not shy about sharing less than pleasant aspects of living with SMA, including detailed stories about his trips to the bathroom. But…