A Drive-in Concert Was a New and Exciting Experience

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Because of the current state of the world, I felt safe in assuming I wouldn’t be attending any concerts this summer. I love concerts, but large, tightly packed crowds aren’t safe right now. However, I forgot to account for how creative people can be.

On Independence Day, my family loaded up our 9-foot-tall wheelchair conversion van to go to our first drive-in concert, put on by one of our favorite bands, “for King & Country.” As it turns out, drive-in theaters are the perfect venue for safely enjoying live music during these tumultuous times.

Designated parking spaces were quickly filled with cars carrying eager passengers. We opted to purchase a spot in the back row so that our incredibly tall vehicle wouldn’t block anyone’s view of the show.

As the last of the audience members filed in, the space next to us remained empty. I decided to take the opportunity to get out of the van and park my wheelchair in the grass, where I could soak up some fresh air. A short time later, we all retreated to the van as thunder shook the sky and gray clouds hovered above. Fortunately, the threat of bad weather lasted only long enough to cool everyone’s skin and provide a needed respite from the heat.

My family helped me resettle on the lawn, and the concert began. The band performed live on a stage in front of the cars while two cranes hoisted a video board to help all see clearly, and radios in the back rows cranked to full volume.

As I listened to the songs, each one touched my soul in its own way. The lyrics of “Priceless” never fail to take my breath away. I think everyone needs to know just how valuable they are, and I’ve always felt that this song provides a beautiful reminder of that.

On this particular afternoon, words from another song, “Fix My Eyes,” also resonated with me. “Fight for the weak ones / Speak out for freedom / Find faith in the battle.”

These lines can speak to many things, and to me they speak volumes. They speak to several of the current global events, my lifelong journey with SMA, and my personal faith, which I’ve tried to use as a foundation for my entire life.

I often turn on this type of music for encouragement, inspiration, peace, and wisdom. Words — whether they are written, spoken, or sung — are a powerful tool that can provide comfort, uplift us, and challenge us to view things in a new way.

As I reflect on the band’s music, I am reminded of the things that are most valuable to me. Their music prompts some of my strongest emotions and reinforces what I believe in. Watching them play in this new outdoor venue was a special treat, and I look forward to opportunities to experience this type of event again in the future.

Do you have an artist, song, or lyric that inspires you? Please share it with us in the comments below!


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