Cure SMA Offers US Patients Free Tools to Boost Their Independence

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Cure SMA is offering free “independence assistance packages” to teenagers and adults with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) in the U.S. to assist with everyday living or to help make living on their own possible.

The Teen & Adult Independence Assistance Package is meant to supplement the nonprofit organization’s support package, which became available in 2018.

The new resource was created based on feedback from those who received the support kit. Items included were found to make daily living easier. SMA, an autosomal recessive neurodegenerative disorder, is characterized by progressive muscle weakness that affects activities such as breathing and walking, making everyday activities and functions more difficult.

“Along with funding SMA research and care, Cure SMA provides thousands of individuals and their families with vital support and resources that help them navigate life with SMA,” the organization states on a webpage introducing the assistance package.

The new items include:

  • A Logitech Blue Snowball mic. This USB equipment amplifies soft voices and provides clear audio for communicating, creating, and recording. It comes in handy when using Skype or FaceTime and the like. Users can create recordings with the microphone that also has sound-capture capabilities. Plug and Play are included for use with a Mac or personal computer. No drivers are needed.
  • WiFi smart plugs. This smartphone app controls devices that are connected to a smart plug when users are online. It can be controlled through Alexa or Google Home Assistant.
  • Travel UV Sanitizing Wand. This tool uses ultraviolet light to reduce levels of microscopic pathogens and some other germs by up to 99.9%. It can be used on hard and soft surfaces.
  • Universal cup holder. The holder fits most wheelchairs and may be used with different size cups.
  • Telescopic metal straws. These reusable and portable straws are compatible with most glasses or other containers.
  • Jar opener with base pad. This tool opens all size jars. The accompanying base pad keeps the jar secure on the counter or other surface.
  • Kitchen tools set. Several kitchen gadgets are provided, including a six-in-one can opener, a five-in-one bottle opener, and three-in-one jar opener.

Go here to request the package. Recipients must have a confirmed SMA diagnosis and be at least 13. For any questions, send an email to [email protected].

The patient resource is funded in part by the biopharmaceutical company Biogen.

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