Core Topics for SMA Standard of Care

SMA News Today HCP seeks to offer the community of healthcare professionals who treat those with the disease a comprehensive volume of resource pages that accurately present the most up-to-date perspectives on SMA’s standard of care.

Our team of editors recognize that, given the rarity of the disease and an unwillingness by other publishers to dedicate resources to presenting best practices for SMA’s standard of care, there is a limited pool of online resources available to healthcare providers today. We also recognize that, because an SMA patient’s health team is so wide-ranging, including neurologists, physical therapist, pulmonologists, social workers, genetic counselors, orthopedic surgeons, and beyond, there is a real need for a unified, easily accessible online resource.

Our current list of core topics is by no means complete. We see this list as constantly evolving and growing in order to meet the ever-shifting demands of improving outcomes and maintaining quality of life in those who live with SMA. Our goals as an editorial team are as follows:

Offer clear, concise and accurate medical information on a wide range of topics that coincide with the current SMA standard of care, as outlined by the most recent consensus on the SMA standard of care, as well as other contemporary research and insights from key opinion leaders in the healthcare community.


Present resource material in a style that is easy for HCPs to access, read, and understand.


Organize resource material in such a way that makes it easy for specialists to access information that is directly applicable to their particular discipline.


Broker discourse and discussion in the SMA healthcare community on best practice for treating those with the disease.


Listen to feedback and update/improve/correct our content whenever necessary.

We ask for and invite your feedback and participation in this project, as we share your professional commitment to making this resource material as helpful and accessible as it can be.